How to Gleek

How to Gleek: A Step by Step Guide

Gleeking is a process used to expel liquid from a person’s mouth through the use of their tongue. This can be a fun party trick, or can be used to surprise friends and family members. Learning how to gleek properly can take some practice and patience, but once you understand the process, it can quickly become a conversation starter. This guide will provide a step-by-step look at how to gleek properly and safely.

What You’ll Need

The first step in learning how to gleek is to gather the necessary items. Before you can begin, you will need the following items:

  • A cup of lukewarm water.
  • A soft clean towel.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A mirror.

Step 1: Prep Your Mouth

The first step in learning to gleek is to prep your mouth. Before you can begin, you will need to open your mouth as wide as possible and stick out your tongue as far as you can. Then, use the scissors to snip the very tip of your tongue. This will help create a small channel that will allow the water to travel more easily through your mouth.

Step 2: Fill Your Mouth With Water

Once you have prepped your mouth, you can move on to the next step, which is to fill your mouth with lukewarm water. Fill your mouth until the water is just below your lips. This is important because if the water is too full, your gleek will be too powerful and you may end up coughing and spluttering instead.

Step 3: Position Your Tongue

The position of your tongue is key when learning how to gleek properly. To position your tongue for gleeking, you should curl it up and point it towards the roof of your mouth. Make sure your tongue is as flat as possible, as this will help reduce the chances of coughing or spluttering.

Step 4: Contract Your Neck Muscles

The next step is to contract your neck muscles. To do this, slowly and steadily push your neck back towards the back of your head. This will help raise the pressure in the back of your throat and create the necessary force needed to expel the water.

Step 5: Exhale and Release

Once your neck muscles are firmly contracted, you’re ready to exhale and release the water. To do this, simply exhale and relax your throat muscles. The water should then be expelled in a powerful stream.

Step 6: Clean Up and Practice

After you have gleeked successfully, it’s important to clean up any water that may have spilled or splattered. Use the towel to mop up any water from your face or sides of your mouth. After you’ve cleaned up any mess, you should then practice gleeking until you can do it without coughing or spluttering.


Gleeking can take a bit of practice and patience, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot your gleeking:

  • Make sure you’re filling your mouth with enough lukewarm water. Too little water and the gleek will be weak, too much and it may be too powerful.
  • Position your tongue correctly. Make sure it’s as flat as possible and pointing towards the roof of your mouth.
  • Contract your neck muscles in a slow and steady manner. Be sure not to contract them too quickly, as this could make the gleek too powerful.
  • Make sure your throat is relaxed when you exhale and release the water.
  • Use a mirror to make sure you’re positioning your tongue and neck correctly.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the better you’ll get at gleeking.


Gleeking is a fun party trick that can be a great conversation starter. Learning how to gleek properly may take some practice and patience, but with the right technique, you can be gleeking like a pro in no time. Make sure to follow the steps above, use the troubleshooting tips, and practice often.

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