How to French Kiss like a Pro

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How to French Kiss like a Pro

French kissing is a romantic, intimate way to show your partner that you care. It’s a great way to give a passionate kiss and make a moment special. But it can also be intimidating for someone who has never done it before.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to French kiss like a pro.

1. Prepare the Scene

Start off by creating a romantic atmosphere. You want to be in a place where you both feel comfortable and relaxed. Get rid of any distractions, dim the lights, and make sure you’re in a spot where you can focus on each other.

2. Get Close

Move closer to your partner until your faces are just a few inches apart. Make sure to maintain eye contact and move slow so you don’t startle them. Once your faces are just a few inches apart, tilt your head slightly to the side and move in closer.

3. Keep your Lips Soft

Once your lips are within kissing range, you want to make sure your lips are soft and full. To do this, you can lightly lick your lips or breathe on them. This will make them plump and ready for the kiss.

4. Start with a Closed-Mouth Kiss

Now that you’re both ready, it’s time to start the kiss. Begin with a gentle, closed-mouth kiss. This can be a slow kiss or a peck, but make sure to keep your lips soft and relaxed.

5. Move to an Open-Mouth Kiss

Once you’ve been kissing for a while, you can move to an open-mouth kiss. For this, you want to lightly open your mouth and let your partner do the same. You can start by lightly touching your tongue to your partner’s lips, then slowly start exploring their mouth with your tongue.

6. Explore Your Partner’s Mouth

Now that you have an open mouth, you can start exploring your partner’s mouth. Gently swirl your tongue around your partner’s lips and tongue, exploring different areas. You can also suck on their tongue lightly, or lightly bite their lip if you want to take it to the next level. Just make sure to be gentle and to pay attention to how your partner is responding.

7. Don’t Rush It

It’s important to remember that French kissing is supposed to be enjoyable and intimate. Don’t rush it, and take your time exploring each other’s mouths. You should also remember to use your hands while you kiss, as this can make the kiss even more passionate and intimate.

8. Add Variety

Once you’ve been French kissing for a while, it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit. Try adding a bit of variety to your kisses, such as lightly nibbling on your partner’s lip, or kissing them more deeply. This will keep things interesting and make the kiss even more passionate.

9. Take Breaks

It’s also important to take breaks while you’re French kissing. This will give you both a chance to take a breath and relax. Taking breaks also gives you a chance to look into each other’s eyes and reaffirm your connection.

10. Enjoy

Above all, the most important thing when French kissing is to have fun and enjoy it. Don’t worry about making mistakes or getting embarrassed. Embrace the moment and enjoy the intimacy of the kiss.


French kissing can be a fun, intimate way to show your partner that you care. It’s also a great way to have some passionate fun. Just remember to be gentle, don’t rush it, and enjoy the moment. With the right approach, you can easily learn how to French kiss like a pro.

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