How to Draw a Dragon like a Pro

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How to Draw a Dragon like a Pro

Dragons are some of the most popular mythical creatures. Learning how to draw a dragon like a pro will take some practice, but you’re sure to pick up the skills quickly. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you draw a dragon that your friends will all be impressed by.

Step 1:Choose a Dragon to Draw

Before you start illustrating your dragon, it helps to decide what kind of dragon you want to draw. There are many different types of dragons that you can look to for inspiration. You can find images online or in books to help decide what kind of dragon you want to draw. When you are deciding on a dragon to draw, also determine whether it will be in a flying or ground-based pose. This will help you to create your dragon’s proportions.

Step 2: Make a Stickman Dragon

Once you have chosen a dragon to draw, you will want to sketch it out. Start by sketching a basic stickman figure to give yourself a basic frame for the dragon. Make sure to choose a pose that will best fit your chosen dragon. Make sure to use a light pencil so that you can erase as needed.

Step 3: Add Details to the Body

Once you have the basic frame for your dragon, you can start to add details to the body. Start by adding the wings and tail. Make sure to give your dragon subtle curves and contours that will help bring it to life. You should also make sure to draw the feet and claws in the appropriate positions. The claws should be long and pointed enough to give the dragon a menacing look.

Step 4: Create the Head and Neck

After you have the body sketched out, you can start adding the head and neck. This will be the most detailed part of the dragon. It should have eyes, nostrils, a mouth, and horns or spikes. The neck should be made up of several segments that give the dragon its flexibility. Make sure to draw the neck out past the body to give the dragon an extra bit of length.

Step 5: Add the Scales and Colors

Once you have the basic body shape drawn, you can start to add the scales. Use a combination of short, curved lines to give the dragon a scaly texture. You can also add color to your dragon to make it look more realistic. Look to images of real dragons for inspiration and include various shades of green, brown, and gray. You can also add touches of red, gold, and silver to your dragon.

Step 6: Clean Up Your Drawing

Once you have all of the details of your dragon added, you can start cleaning up your drawing. First, erase any errant lines and smudges. You can then use a thicker pencil to add details to the dragon and make it even more realistic. Finally, you can use an eraser to shade in certain areas and create a sense of volume and texture.

Step 7: Add Final Touches

The last step in drawing a dragon like a pro is to add the finishing touches. Use colors to give the dragon depth, and add shadows and highlights to make the drawing look more natural. You can also add a background to give the dragon a sense of place and make it look like it is part of a larger environment. When you are finished, make sure to sign your artwork and give it the respect it deserves.


Drawing a dragon like a pro may take some practice, but the skill is well worth the effort. With this step-by-step guide, you can draw a dragon that your friends will certainly be impressed by. All it takes is some patience, practice, and the right tools.

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