How to Do a Bottle Flip

How to Do a Bottle Flip

A bottle flip is a popular trick involving throwing a plastic bottle and having it land upright. This trick has become popular among young people, who often share bottle flip videos on social media. The trick requires some practice and skill to pull off, but it is attainable with a bit of practice and patience. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing a successful bottle flip.

1. Acquire a Bottle

The first step in performing a bottle flip is to acquire a suitable bottle for the trick. The best type of bottle to use is a single-use plastic bottle, such as those used for soda or water. These types of bottles are lightweight and are easy to grip. Make sure to remove the label before attempting a bottle flip.

2. Fill the Bottle with a Small Amount of Liquid

Next, fill the bottle with a small amount of liquid. The amount of liquid to use will depend on the type of bottle and the size of your hands. Filling the bottle too much will make it heavier and harder to throw without losing control, while filling it too little could make it difficult to land upright. A good rule of thumb is to fill the bottle with a quarter of its capacity, or less.

3. Get into the Right Position

Before attempting the trick, it is important to get into the right position. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and point your dominant hand toward the spot where you want the bottle to land. If you are right-handed, extend your right arm and point your hand to the spot; if you are left-handed, extend your left arm and point your hand to the spot.

4. Grip the Bottle Properly

Next, grip the bottle correctly. For a successful bottle flip, the bottle needs to be held between the thumb and index finger. Place your thumb on the bottom of the bottle and wrap your index finger around the neck of the bottle. Make sure to maintain a firm grip while throwing.

5. Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle as you throw it. Start by giving the bottle one full twist as you throw it. This helps to create a stable flight and increase the chances of a successful landing. As you get better with practice, you can try adding additional twists.

6. Aim for a Spot Near the Destination

When throwing the bottle, it is important to aim for a spot near the destination. This allows for some flexibility in the landing position. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a spot about two feet before the desired landing spot.

7. Throw the Bottle at a High Arc

When throwing the bottle, it is important to throw it at a high arc. This creates a slow, stable flight that allows the bottle more time to flip before landing. When throwing the bottle, it is important to aim for an arc of at least 45 degrees.

8. Watch the Bottle Land Upright

Once you have thrown the bottle, watch as it lands upright. It is important to watch the entire flight, as the bottle can easily lose its spin and not land properly. If you successfully complete a bottle flip, congratulations!

9. Practice for Improved Accuracy

Like any skill, doing a bottle flip requires some practice and skill. The more you practice, the more accuracy you will develop and the more successful your bottle flips will be. Try to do a few bottle flips a day until you feel comfortable with the trick.


Doing a bottle flip is a fun and entertaining trick that can be mastered with practice and skill. With this step-by-step guide, you can be on your way to mastering the bottle flip in no time.

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