How to Calculate Circumference

How to Calculate Circumference

Circumference is a measurement of the perimeter of a circle or an arc. It is equal to the distance around a given shape. Calculating circumference is an important part of geometry and is one of the foundational concepts of mathematics. Here’s how to calculate it yourself.

Step 1: Understand the Formula for Calculating Circumference

The formula for calculating circumference is C = 2πr, where C stands for circumference, π is the constant 3.14, and r is the radius of the circle.

The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the edge. It is equal to half of the diameter of the circle, which is the length of a straight line through the center of the circle and touching two points on the circumference.

Step 2: Gather the Required Measurements

In order to calculate the circumference of a circle, you’ll need to gather the measurements of the circle’s radius. Depending on the type of object being measured, you may also need to measure the diameter. Use a ruler, tape measure, or other measuring device to collect the measurements.

Step 3: Plug the Measurements into the Formula

Once you have the radius or diameter of the circle, you can plug it into the formula to calculate the circumference. If you have the radius, plug it into the formula: C = 2πr. If you have the diameter, divide it by 2 to get the radius and then plug it into the formula.

Step 4: Calculate the Circumference

Once you have plugged the measurements into the formula, you can then calculate the circumference. To do this, multiply the radius by 2 and then multiply that result by the constant 3.14. This will give you the circumference of the circle in inches, feet, yards, or whatever unit of measurement you were using. You can also use a scientific calculator or a handheld device like a smartphone to help you with the calculations.

Step 5: Test the Accuracy of Your Measurement

Once you have calculated the circumference, you can use a few different methods to make sure that your measurements are accurate. One way is to measure the diameter of the circle and then calculate the circumference using the formula. Another way is to measure the circumference using a string or tape measure, then divide it by the constant 3.14 to get the radius. If both methods yield the same result, then your measurement is accurate.

Step 6: Use the Measurement in Further Calculations

Once you have calculated the circumference, you can use it as a starting point for other calculations. For example, you can use it to calculate the area of the circle (A = πr2) or the volume of a sphere (V = 4/3πr3). You can also use it to calculate the arc length of a given circle or the angle of a sector.


Calculating circumference is a simple but important concept in geometry. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily calculate the circumference of a circle or an arc.

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